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It's always a challenge to keep projects going. So often funders are looking for programmes and projects to eventually become self funding. I can understand the logic of that position. The trouble is some programmes will never be self funding because they aim to serve the most vulnerable in our communities. One of these vulnerable groups are children. The prospects of tax credits being cut, means that many more children in low income families will find themselves in a...
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Facing Change is Nothing New

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I'm up early this morning. I was writing a short congratulatory message to be printed in a brochure commending a theological conference that is taking place in Korea next month to honour the contribution of Reformed Theology in shaping the Christian church in Korea.  John Ross the 19th century missionary from Nigg Bay was the first to translate parts of the New Testament into Korean. The conference is being held to commemorate his contribution to the Korean Church.  I...
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Joy Through Tears

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Our Lenten theme, " Joy through tears" continues to resonate with a great many  people in our congregation and indeed town. I've discovered this through a number of conversations this week. Learning to give thanks for the good things in life, for the small things and for the kindness of others, is an important aspect of living and walking in the cross shaped life. Living out the Spirit of  Christ in our every day lives requires us all to appreciate the people and the...
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