From Glasgow to Chengalpattu

posted: 27 Jul 2007 comments: 1category:

leprosy.jpg When I was a wee boy I lived in Glasgow. one day a man from the Leprosy Mission came to our church. He showed us slides of people who suffered from leprosy and asked for our help. We were all invited to take a box and fill it with coins.  our family took one because we were all moved by the plight of the leperosy sufferers. I remember the box was L shaped made of wood  and coloured red.  We used to go collecting for the Mission on the streets. We didn't have a...
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Sowing in the slums

posted: 26 Jul 2007 comments: 0category:

dsc00657.jpg  Sorry I've not been posting on Italker for a few days. I've been caught up with the blog we are keeping for the church. Today I decided that someone else should do some of the posting. So Jackie and Beatty are as I speak making up today's post for WWWTraveller. So I'll tell you italker readers what I've been up to here in India.Well  when we finally arrived in India, what a welcome we received. Captain Thacker, and a number of the Pastors whose churches we'll...
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Heathrow on a busy weekend

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heathrow-airport.jpg The last twenty four hours has been quite a disappointment for us all. We started out for our mission trip to Chennai on Saturday morning at 6.30am, it is now 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon and we're waiting at the airport. the announcement has just come over the tannoy that the crew hasn't arrived so we will be delayed yet again. Hopefully we will soon be on our way when the crew arrives.
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