Step out of the book shop and walk on water

posted: 29 Sep 2007 comments: 0category:

sunset-amazon.jpg I've always been attracted to bookshops and rivers. Here is a picture of the Amazon at Sunset. This picture reminds me that I'm always glad to be near the end of my journey when sunset happens on the Amazon. Sunset over the Amazon is also a time when you don't want to be stepping into the river. All kinds of wild life wakens up just after 5.30pm. Now if the river can be dangerous so can bookshops, as those who attended this concert can testify. Talking about...
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Bogle Band Tour 1998

posted: 28 Sep 2007 comments: 1category:

absings.jpg While preparing and doing some research for the next Bogle Band Album, I came across a pile of tapes from the Bogle Band Tour of the States in 1998. We spent a week in Minneapolis touring round Universities and Colleges. We even managed to play in Kieran's Irish Pub. However I discovered a recording of the day we played in the Edina Bookshop. I'll put some posts up over the next few days highlighting the concert. I think it was a classic. If you listen to my accent...
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CWW National Gathering - 2008

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library-2356.jpg The advertising promoting the CWW National Gathering will hit the streets next Monday. The web page might not be up to date until Monday. We hope to post out over the weekend around 3000 envelopes promoting the work of CWW. The theme is " All you can't leave behind" Those of you who are keen U2 fans will I 'm sure think the title is familiar. In a sense it is and the other its not. You work out what is missing from this title. But please don't send your comments on...
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