Podcasts on their way

posted: 27 Dec 2007 comments: 0category:

13.jpg For those who are interested the Bogle Band will be publishing extracts from the recordings we're making for our new album. We'd love to hear from you. The guys hope to get some time together over the next few weeks to showcase some of the ideas in our songs. If your interested go to the iTunes store and clock on podcasts then do a search for Bogle Band. I've podsted up a little free Christmas present for anyone who'd be interested in downloading it. let me know what you...
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U2 Can make a difference

posted: 25 Dec 2007 comments: 0category:

I think U2 sums things up for me this year.So many people think that they can do nothing to change the world. the fact is we can. We can start in our own neck of the woods. We can take up the opportunities that come our way and it is possible to create new ones. Just have a look and see what love has done. Click here
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When Silence means more.

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This year at St Andrew's I believe we have had a wonderful opportunity to develop our prayer lives. The theme of Advent has centred around four of the great phrases from the Lord's Prayer. "Your Kingdom Come! " This has challenged all of us to see how subversive the prayer really is. It is a call to live in such a way that we set up an alternative way to live. To live forgiveness, to see that life centres around more than material things, and to discover that trials...
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