Bogle Band Vine Trust And Waverley

posted: 30 Jul 2008 comments: 0category:

Well can you believe it the Bogle Band is out on he road for the second time this Summer. Carberry Featival last month and " Doon the Watter" this month. Tomorrow evening Iain and I will be performing on the world famous Waverley Paddle Steamer. Have a look at the picture above. She really is a bonnie boat. Anyway all the money being raised tomorrow will go to the work of the Vine Trust. Keeping close to the Vine is a good thing. You know, our motto is "...
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Church Within and Without Walls - A Place to Hang Out!

posted: 21 Jul 2008 comments: 0category:

You never know who is hanging around the church. Especially if the church is St Andrew's Bo'ness. It could be a group of teenagers preparing for the Children's Holiday Club. You might even meet the phantom gardeners who turn up unannounced and have turned a wilderness into a garden. If you stay long enough you are bound to catch up with some young musicians hanging about waiting to rehearse. Then there might be a suspicious bunch of old guys that could talk...
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Mamma Mia

posted: 20 Jul 2008 comments: 0category:

Talking with the script writer I went to see the movie "Mamma Mia" last night. I really didn't know what it was all about. I thought it was the story of ABBA, instead it was really a Chic flick. I realised I should have taken a rain check when I had the opportunity. So all I could do was to slip lower down in the seat, as the film progressed. Two guys at the front of a cinema full of women! Mamma Mia? One thing I was right about there is an...
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