The Lost Generation

posted: 31 Jan 2009 comments: 1category:

The phrase "the lost generation", was used by Ernest Hemmingway to describe the soldiers who went to 1st World War and never returned. It has also been used by Christian commentators to describe the present generation of young people who are growing up lost to the Church[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] The truth is perhaps they are more lost to the Church but perhaps closer to God than some think....
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Glasgow Council and the Cross of Christ

posted: 26 Jan 2009 comments: 4category:

Here I am back again after my unfortunate accident. I'm still not right yet. The arm is in a sling but I think I can make this post. Well a lot has happened to me since we last talked. However I'll tell you about my adventures in due course. What I want to blog about today is the news that Glasgow Council are standing up for the Cross of Christ. Amazing isn't it! Yes they hold the copyright for Salvador Dali's famous painting "St John of the Cross". Anyone who...
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iPhone X-ray Function !

posted: 9 Jan 2009 comments: 4category:

Just found the amazing iPhone function that allow you to take xray pictures. How cool is that! Now in case you don't believe me here is the proof. I'd like to thank everyone for all their messages of good will. I've been quite touched by the kindness of my friends and family. I also appreciate how a number of elders have stepped in to help out with pastoral duties including conducting a funeral. We are so blessed at St Andrew's with people who step up to the...
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