Jansi and Freeda and their children's home.

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img_1014 India is a busy place. Everyone you see on the street seems to be going some where. Boys and girls dressed in their cotton school uniforms rushing to school. Workers, men and women, carrying great bundles on their heads and backs. Motorcycles moving in and out of cars. Engines reving, horns being blown, it all sounds a bit like a great orchestral piece of music. In the midst of all this movement of people we too make our way out of the city of Chennai to drive for...
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So Much to Remember on an Indian Train Journey!

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train-inside2 This is the life, this is India. You've never lived till you've travelled by train especially second class. I'm not brave enough to try third class, thats where they hang out the windows in their droves. Lying back listening to the rhythm of the wheels on the track as the train moves through the night can easily put you to sleep. I always feel the train is talking to me. You know reliving the day, perhaps helping me to pray, pray the things I don't want to say....
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Meet JJ Gilmour

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img_0965 You know what its like, your packing for a trip and the phone rings. The last thing you want is a conversation. You need to get that bag packed. the secret of course is not to take too much stuff with you. Travelling light becomes an art. Take enough to get you by for a few days them be ready to wash a shirt or two out and let them dry. the secret is if you keep the case light you can take it into the plane with you and when you get out at te other end there's no...
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