Summer is almost a foretaste of heaven!

posted: 29 Jun 2010 comments: 2category:

The Summer seems to have really arrived here in Bo'ness. everything is looking absolutely spectacular. The Bo'ness Fair has a great influenece on the way the town looks at this time of the year. Most people have put extra work into their gardens and it means that the whole town looks well cared for and of course very colourful with arches and frontages on houses. There is something about summer that makes us all feel just perhaps that little bit more optimistic. Is...
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A Sunday Church or An Everyday Church?

posted: 22 Jun 2010 comments: 2category:

I was speaking to a parent of one of our youth leader today. He told me he didn't go to church however he was perfectly comfortable coming into St Andrew's to work with his son on a joint radio programme. As we spoke he said to me. "Yeah this place is different its not a Sunday church this is an everyday church." I was really quite taken to hear him use that phrase about St Andrew's We truly want to be an everyday church that produces and mentors everyday Christians...
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iTalker's Has His Own Show On ValleyFM 87.7

posted: 16 Jun 2010 comments: 0category:

Hey can you believe it? Its that time of the year. Yes today ValleyFM goes live on air right up to the the Saturday of Bo'ness Fair. iIf you live in the Bo'ness area you'll find them on the radio at 87.7FM otherwise you can click here and find the radio station. We're go on air at 7.00am every morning and come off the air at 12 .00 Midnight. valleyFm is part of our church youth programme called 'The Avenue" for the past four years we've produced this live radio...
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