Remember as well as crying Jesus laughed!

posted: 27 Mar 2011 comments: 1category:

We had an excellent service this evening at church. the theme of the service was centred around the women who followed Jesus. We found ourselves thinking about the kind of man Jesus would have been. Russell McLarty got us all thinking about the "Laughing Jesus" He suggested that too often we have allowed images that depict a solemn and somber Jesus to influence the way we think about Jesus and also about our Christianity. I was reminded of a quote I once read...
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Preacher John

posted: 21 Mar 2011 comments: 2category:

Well here I am waiting in a restaurant to catch up with Iain Jamieson. It's Monday night and we're going to be thinking about re-recording a tune I wrote for John Stuart who now lives and ministers in Knoxville USA. It got me thinking all this songwriting started way back in 1986 we had just completed a long weekend in Maybole as a joint youth project between the young people in Maybole Old and St Andrew's Bo'ness. My friend Gordon Reid, was the Maybole minister. We...
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Sharing Communion on the street on Good Friday?

posted: 17 Mar 2011 comments: 0category:

Today I started to put together a number of articles for the Parish Network. Its the new name we're giving to our church broadsheet that we distribute around the parish. It go me thinking about some of the things we might plan for Holy Week. Before long I was reflecting on the amazing experience I had a few years ago when I took the bread and the wine out into the streets on Good Friday. It was a a profound experience. Taking Christ to the busy street on Good Friday....
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