OSCR May Investigate Failing Presbyteries

posted: 26 May 2011 comments: 0category:

A vote to the status quo may sound safe but the Kirk may end up walking a tight rope. Doing nothing may end up costing some congregations and Presbyteries dearly. Why am i saying this ? Read on. The General Assembly rejected the proposal for reform of the Presbyteries that had been laid before them by the Panel Review and Reform. It was always going to be a challenging concept for many in the church. Larger Presbyteries with full time staff running the day to day...
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Same -Sex Relationships and the Ministry - the Press got it Wrong!

posted: 24 May 2011 comments: 13category:

I listened with interest on the comments relating to General Assembly's position on the ordination of people in same-sex relationships. On the whole the exchange between the commissioners was respectful and polite. The Moderator David Arnott handled the proceedings with a certain amount of humour and a great amount of integrity. Both he and Lord Hodge, who was presenting the Report got a standing ovation. Reflecting on the debate itself there was very little...
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Roll Away the Stone… but Whose Got It?

posted: 23 May 2011 comments: 0category:

It wasn't quite T in the Park but the Roll Away The Stone event, was a brave attempt during what will be a very contentious Assembly Week to celebrate some of the outstanding things that the Church of Scotland and the church in Scotland do to serve the nation. One quick witted minister speaking of the event remarked with his best Kelvinside accent that he preferred to steer away from abbreviations. He certainly wasn't up for the the shortened version of RATS in the the...
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