Solas keep it small to remain beautiful

posted: 27 Jun 2011 comments: 2category:

Can you believe it we're past Mid-Summer now and the nights are beginning to get shorter. On Saturday last we managed to find our way down to the Solas Festival, in Wiston Lodge near Biggar. This is the second year for this small arts festival that is calling itself Greenbelt's little sister. There was something homely and honest about the event and although we only stayed a few hours it was obvious that people were enjoying themselves. I managed to meet up with a few...
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Who says you can't party forever?

posted: 25 Jun 2011 comments: 0category:

We live in quite a unique little town. Now I know that many people think the same about where they live. And I think its only right that they should . Looking at the community in which you live and celebrating the good things about that community must surely add to what the social commentators will call, social and community cohesion. Certainly the annual Bo'ness Fair does just that. There is no doubt that many in our town feel there are aspects of the Fair that need...
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Keep Your Hair On

posted: 21 Jun 2011 comments: 5category:

[gallery]Well I thought I'd get in the mood for the fair so I decided to put my hair on. Now today is prize giving at the school and its great to see so many of the young people we know doing so well and achieving academically. Its also good to know that we at St Andrew's are playing our part in preparing young people to be confident. Its great to see so many young people buzzing around the church this week. Valley FM certainly brings together a varied group of...
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