Building the City

posted: 29 Oct 2011 comments: 1category:

I was busy yesterday conducting another funeral. It was for a bricklayer called John Mason. He was well named Mason, because his working life centred around the building trade.. Preparing for John's funeral got me thinking about the biblical references that invite us to think more clearly about how we build our lives. What kind of foundation are we building upon. In 1 Corinthians 3. 10 Paul the Apostle writes about the importance of a foundation that is eternal. Only...
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101 years in Bo'ness beats 30 years by a mile.

posted: 28 Oct 2011 comments: 4category:

I've often told you I have the best job in the world. Today I was sad yet in the midst of the sadness I was inspired, as I conducted the funeral of a dear friend of mine. She was 101 years old and I have known her for 30 of those years. As I was conducting the service, I began to think how amazing the church family really is. Here was a woman who had spent 101 years being an active interested member of this congregation. For even when she appeared inactive due to...
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Step into the water

posted: 26 Oct 2011 comments: 4category:

Well who would have thought my 598th post to this blog would be a huge thank you to all who have taken time to send congratulations with reference to my nomination to be Moderator Designate of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. Thank you all for your prayerful support. It is greatly appreciated and will continue to be as the weeks and months go on. I also wish to record my thanks to the members of the Committee who made the decision today. If the truth be...
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