Lloyds Banking Group Forced to Pay 3.5 Million

posted: 30 Dec 2011 comments: 0category:

Here's a great David and Goliath story for the new year! It also follows on from my previous post about late payments. Big corporate groups might want to think again after this ruling and it may also give small companies courage to face up to the bullies of the financial world. All i can say is, what wonderful news that Lloyds TSB Foundation following a long-running dispute, has won back the £3.5m it was owed under a covenant agreement it had signed with Lloyds Bank...
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Italker Meets Tian Tian At Edinburgh Zoo

posted: 29 Dec 2011 comments: 2category:

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the Pandas going to live at Edinburgh Zoo. I know some folk feel Zoos should be closed down while others feel that the so called "Diplomacy Pandas" are anything but PC. The BBC just a few days ago had a group of feminists up in arms because they had included Tian Tian among the 12 women in its "Faces of 2011" list. Tian Tian was included alongside notable names including shot US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, singer...
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24Hour Prayer Vigil

posted: 24 Dec 2011 comments: 2category:

20111224-020853.jpg Here I am it's 1.45am in the morning and I'm taking part in the 24 hour prayer vigil here in the church. Already we've had a constant stream of people coming to pray. Some people might think it strange that people want to pray yet the truth is that more people pray than ever go regularly to church. There is an element of longing for more in all our souls whether we're paid up believers or not. There are a number of quite outstanding opportunities to stimulate our...
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