Starting to Build A New Church

posted: 28 Mar 2012 comments: 5category:

On Sunday afternoon I had the privilege of joining Dalziel South Parish Church for their Kirk Session Conference. What a great crowd of positive elders. It was an opportunity to encourage them as they make preparations to build a new church. What I found inspirational was that this group of elders were keen to become a mission shaped church. They want their new building to be open seven days a week, they want a church cafe, they want a church open so that the community...
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United Broke My Guitar -  Dave Carroll Turned The Crisis into A Drama

posted: 22 Mar 2012 comments: 2category:

[youtube][/youtube]Here's an interesting story that's going around the internet. Dave Carroll a country and western singer had his guitar badly damaged while travelling on a United Airlines flight. When he tried to claim the company they refused to listen to his story, gave him a hard time and dismissed his claim as not eligible. Well Dave was so insensed that he wrote a song, put it on YouTube and 11 million hits later United...
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The hidden image of God crucified.

posted: 20 Mar 2012 comments: 0category:

This article is a response to the meditation found on the front page of A few years ago I came across the term "keek a boo" theology. It is all about understanding the hidden yet revealed nature of God. We have all played the game "hide and seek", "keek a boo" theology highlights one aspect of this encounter. We have all seen a father or a mother hide behind a curtain the quickly appear, hide, then appear. the child keeps looking in...
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