A Black Vincent.

vincent1.jpg 1952 Black Vincent Lord, I visited the Museum of Modern Art yesterday, in New York! Now there's a place, to make you feel small. Buildings towering over you. Anyway, I was amazed at the things I saw. All man- made! There was a Vincent all black and shiny. No wonder Mollie took a ride on it. We humans have an amazing eye for design. We just love. Making things, making things work, making things look good, making things to please, making things to use, making things just to be! Making "R us", it's what we do! It Got me thinking Where did we inherit our creativity from? You of course! You made an intelligent design, and designer, When you made mankind. Lord Help me create something good today Something that will reflect Your influence And purpose,Something shiny Like a "Vincent" Or even a "Van Gogh"
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