A Great Night With "We See Lights" At Linlithgow

Last night history was made the Bogle Boys (The Bogle Boys are you've guessed it a father and son act. Well, act might be too definative) appeared at the Linlithgow Rose Club. Now let me say, this is a famous club. It can boast of some amazing acts having performed there including the world famous Susan Boyle. So you can be sure it was indeed an amazing honour to get the chance to sing and be accompanied by two of the members of 'We See Lights" this means I can now add Stephen and Ross to the collection of famous people I've had the chance in the past to work alongside.Have a listen a tune from WSL latest album. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFLRvg542tY[/youtube] Anyway last night was all about raising funds for the Vine Trust's latest challenge to build accommodation for the children of victims of AIDSin Tanzania. For more details check out the Vine Trust you be able to read a bit more about the projects we hope to help over the next three years. Back to last night, the great thing is that Paul Dougal one of the members of We See Lights,( who also played a tune with his dad and uncle), hopes to head out to Tanzania this Summer as a member of the first Vine Trust work party in Africa. Paul he's such an adventurer a true trailblazer. And yes of course we all like the Smiths my great granny was a Smith. Hence I always eat a Granny Smith when I get the chance!

Posted By: italker   On: 16 May 2011   At: 12:25am

Its well worth checking out We See Lights on My Space and i believe you can down load the band on itunes


Posted By: jan   On: 15 May 2011   At: 6:23pm

Love it Albert. . .and I have another puppet like that,that I got in Florida that u cn hv 4the next video!!!


Posted By: h   On: 15 May 2011   At: 3:49pm

Proclaimers eat their hearts out.

An unexpected delight on a Sunday afternoon.

Hope the fund-raising went well.

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