A Visit to Skye

I woke up  this morning  my phone alarm was playing the U2 song  " It's a beautiful day." I looked out the window to  reminded myself I was now in Skye.

This is truly a magical place.  The views of the landscape are extra-ordinarily beautiful.  We arrived yesterday in Skye just before sunset, the light was fading yet you could almost reach out and touch the Cuillins. This is truly a thin place where heaven and earth meet.

I'm here to respond to an invitation from Norman Drummond to visit the Columba 1400 Centre  as they celebrate Columba's 1450th Anniversary. This is a centre set up here in Skye  to help develop leadership skills in young people.  It's a unique centre which allows people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to engage with world class mentoring.

This evening I was joined by members of the congregations in this area as we reflected on the legacy of Columba and the challenge facing the church today.

Earlier today I was delighted to be shown around the island by the three of the ministers who have the responsibility for the island.  At present there are two vacant charges on the island and the congregations are hoping that these positions will be filled.

It was goof to spend time with the ministers and encourage them to begin to look to the future and see how God is shaping his church for the coming changes that are beginning to shape the Church of Scotland.

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Posted By: h   On: 9 May 2013   At: 8:17pm

Thank you for your lovely stories about your visit to Skye.

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