[caption id="attachment_1866" align="alignleft" width="275"] iTalker[/caption] This blog is written by Rt.Rev Albert Bogle. At present he is Moderator of the General Assembly of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He is a singer songwriter.You can check out some of his back catalogue on iTunes under Bogle Band iTalker was born in Glasgow has Irish connections. is married to Martha has two grown up children. "Grace" is his favourite word. U2 his favourite band. St Andrew's Parish Church Bo'ness his favourite community. ( He could be bias, being the minister for the past 31 years.) iTalker will ramble on about, The Vine,WwW, or his latest project, his amazing friends,work colleagues, and family. Above all he will rabbit on about being a change maker,and how we are running out of time to make the changes. Finally iTalker will at one point introduce you to the greatest change maker of all time.  

Posted By: italker   On: 25 Jul 2012   At: 12:32am

Dear Jarrod
Jesus Music on vinyl has become a bit of a collectors item. I know at least one member of the Living Stones has been thinking about remastering some of the songs. If I find any old LPs we may put them up for sale on the sanctusmedia site. What we would charge for them I don’t know.


Posted By: Jarrod   On: 16 Jul 2012   At: 12:57pm

Dear Albert, I am writing as I am a fan of your work with Living Stone, and your album “Jesus Music” and I was wondering if you had any left over copies for a fan in Australia to purchase/make a donation - please excuse me for writing this in a public forum (as I am unable to find your email address)

Kind regards,



Posted By: Helmut   On: 9 Jun 2012   At: 9:44pm

And now we are right into Albert’s moderatorship, and the Diamond Jubilee.

I am deeply impressed.


Posted By: Greta Philp   On: 30 Oct 2011   At: 3:53pm

Dear Albert, many congratulations on the news today. I remember visiting St.Andrews Womens Guild ( probably to tell The Gospel Story in Flowers ) when you had not been long in the charge and realising there was something happening in that place!!!!

I remember you,Peter (Neilson )and other promising young men being at Carberry at the same time as my Floral Art Courses were on. How the years move on and how blessed we all have been by the Lord. How wonderful that He uses people in so many different situations and from so many different backgrounds. How great is our God!!!

Serve Him well in the new opening you are going into and remember he will be there with you as you travel. With much Christian love Greta Philp

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