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1467751-byres_rdwest_end-glasgow.jpgWhen I was a student at Glasgow, I remember walking down University Avenue, an old dossier approached me and asked me for some money. I insisted that I would take him for a roll and coffee. We duly tramped down to a wee cafe on Byers Road. Just round the corner from where the above picture was taken. I put my companion at a table and went to order. Well you should have heard the abuse I got from the cafe owner. I was told in no uncertain terms with a few sweary words thrown in, that it was not on to have the dossier in the cafe. " Do you want to chase all my customers away! He's mingin! ( this means he stinks in Glaswgian) Before long i was out on the street. the dossier was simply saying, " Awe, son, gonna just gie me somethin tae buy a pie oot the chippy" I ended up giving him his money for the chippy it was the only way out of an embarrassing situation. We interviewed a homeless person, for a project we were doing, He told us what it was like to be on the street. He said it was the shear dampness of the Scottish climate that got to his soul. Just looking for a place to be warm was his priority. They say don't give a homeless person money, they'll just drink it. Maybe that is all they can do to stay warm or block out the biting cold. Have a look at this clip, I wrote the script for one of our "On the Street" evenings. Maggie our trainee minister looks the part, she brilliant at the acting, and you know something, she's a pretty good preacher, when she's not on the bottle. BACK ON THE STREET  
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Posted By: Danny   On: 18 Mar 2007   At: 7:09pm

Great clip… also great to see Maggie who is a fellow ‘trainee’, although not sure you are looking after her properly!! Tell her Dorothy was asking after her (Danny is my blogging name!)

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