BBC You've Messed Up Big Time - Janice Forsyth Can't Be Replaced!

I'm pretty cheesed off today. Well I had a pretty good day until I was told that BBC Scotland intend to axe the Saturday morning Janice Forsyth Show. This may seem to those who don't listen to Janice on a Saturday morning to be the way of the world. Nothing stays the same, radio programme come and radio programmes go. Well the thing is this is no ordinary radio programme. Janice Forsyth is quite an extra-ordinary presenter. She is funny,intelligent,informed and passionate about the music she plays and respectful to her audience, and always engaging with her guests. And she always has interesting people to interview. I can't for a moment understand the logic of those who would make such a decision. And guess what its going to be replaced with more sports. Mmm interesting! Does BBC Scotland really think such a decision to be a right use of licence holders money? Surely there must be rules relating to the amount of sports coverage any one station can promote in one day. I guess its the bean counters who have come to the conclusion that its cheaper to have talk during the day, because they have no PRS Royalties to pay out. if you'd like to sign the petition to save the show click here

Posted By: Helmut   On: 18 Feb 2012   At: 10:04am

And this is me fondly remembering the Art Sutter Show on BBC Radio Scotland. I like a nice cup of tea…


Posted By: Helmut   On: 18 Feb 2012   At: 9:55am

Signed and promulgated! And yes, I do occasionally listen to her programme!

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