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I told you about the service last night. if you'd like to have a look Click This is our monthly interactive media service. Last night we invited all those who wanted support to follow Jesus to text the words BIBLE FOLLOW to 80806. We're now going to be sending everyone who texts the numbers words of encouragement as they seek to travel through the lenten period. We hope this will be a practical aid inhelping people focus on their call to discipleship. So if you're looking for a daily reminder to take up the cross text the number. Text the words BIBLE FOLLOW to 80806

Posted By: italker   On: 4 Mar 2009   At: 12:04am


We hope that these messages of support and encouragement will do just what you have experienced.


Posted By: jackie   On: 3 Mar 2009   At: 8:25pm

Received my first Lenting message today and it came at just the right time with just the right message.  With my new role within St Andrews as WFO Convener Im slipping up quite a few times but just knowing that Jesus is beside me, in front of me, at the back of me,  gives me the peace and encouragement I need to carry on. I have questioned why I have been sent on this road with Finance, but after reading jer 6;16 i believe if i travel this path the lord will bring rest to my soul.

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