Bogle Band On The Waverley

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Well you may recall that I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Bogle Band had started gigging again after having a few years off,or as they say in the business "resting". Well here is a short video of the trip we made "doon the watter" and the music in the background is the Bogle Band playing the song "Brave Hearts" live. If you like what your hearing you can hear us playing again this Saturday at St Andrew's Bo'ness. We're playing at the "There Must Be More Festival" There's a barbecue in the church garden at 6.30pm and the concerts starts at 7.30 in the church. We're also delighted that Vangel will be performimg with us. The whole weekend Festival is trying to encourage more people to think outside the box and discover their potential. On Friday Night a number of young peole who were in India visiting our partners there will be giving their feedback on their trip. I think its going to be a great night. On Sunday I'm looking forward to having a joint Praise Band, made up between St Andrew's and the Apostolics in Bo'ness leading us in a gread night of praise and worship. So if you want something more than you've got ! See you Sunday Night. Meanwhile pray for an old rocker who seems to be turning a bit folky with age, pray that he'll remember his words on Saturday or have good inspiration to write better words.
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Posted By: Jim S   On: 14 Aug 2008   At: 7:19am

Good luck for the gigs -  watch your timing!

Turning folky, eh?

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