Bogle Band writing a new album

compassion2.JPG The above picture was on a billboard in Glasgow, in the merchant City. The dark glasses reminded me how we can hide our eyes from those who look at us, but we can't hide our actions. they eventually catch up with us. So I guess my past is out again,yes believe it or not I've got the bug again. Its time to write a new album of songs.Iain jamieson who writes songs with me has come up with this idea that we should allow others to follow the progress of the album by making a pod cast every time we've been working on material. So here is the first podcast which I hope we'll be able to upload to iTunes in the next couple of days for downloads onto your ipods.. Please get back to me and let me know what you think.
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Posted By: Johnny   On: 26 Sep 2007   At: 4:21pm

I think its a great idea, looking forward to hearing the new material.

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