Bono Would Be Proud

A girl sings on the street From the back of her throat Her voice sings U2 Bono would be proud No stadium to rock Just a few pigeons And a couple of old age pensioners Tapping their feet The Holy Trinity is behind her " With or without you " Echoes off the walls She gives herself away Sharing songs on a lunchtime break She's coined a phrase earned her lunch She has to Run Amy MacDonald couldn't do better We visited St Andrew's today. The town is getting ready for The Open which starts I believe on Thursday. I had a look out to see if I could recognise any famous celebrities - the thing is I wouldn't know a celebrity anyway if I saw one on the street. St Andrew's is usually full of all kinds of people who could quite easily be celebrities. It is really quite a cosmopolitan town. I suppose being a University community it attracts a wide range of people. Maybe every second or third person is a celebrity? Anyway the weather was good and I was enjoying the sun streaming around me. I stopped at the corner where Holy Trinity Church stands and sat on a bench. Within a few moments a young woman appeared took out her guiltar and started struming. Could she be a celebrity - look closer, she was for me every bit a celebrity - totally brilliant!
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