Building a Train Station for the Future

[youtube][/youtube]We started today ( Wednesday),visiting the DMZ. There are a number of points at which the tour guide stops to allow you to take pictures. I wanted to see for myself what was going on at the border. It's strange to be told that the war is not ended; there is simply an armistice. Its even more surreal to be in a tour coach visiting a war zone. When you move out to look around at some points on the way your told not to walk off the beaten track because there are still many unexplored landmines. In 1978 a tunnel was discovered just 52 km away from Seoul. it was 1635 metres in length and 2 metres wide. It is recorded that with a tunnel this size 30,000 fully armed North Korean soldiers could have got through in just over an hour. At that time there was a deliberate policy from the North to try and invade the South. We were able to look at one such tunnel this morning and we even got the opportunity to walk down the tunnel for about 350 metres then it's stops. The barbed wire tells you on the other side over in the North, Koreans are staring back at you. Needless to say the barricade was built to keep us from moving too close. When you speak with Koreans you very soon ¬†discover that there is a longing for the reunification of their country. While some may feel it is a pipe dream and a costly one at that in reality their is a belief and expectation that it will happen. So in order to make the point that they believe it will happen. A railway station has been built ¬†just outside the DMZ as a symbol of hope for the future. It got me thinking how inspirational the idea of building a train station. ¬†Especially for young people, it's an investment in the future believing that one day people from the North will pass through freely into the South. It reminds me of people who plant trees knowing they might never see the tree grow to maturity. It reminded me that all of us have a duty to invest In the future even if we may never be the beneficiaries. Those of us who are getting older, it's a challenge to think about legacy. So what will you leave? There is something of the Kingdom of God in this kind of action. It says I believe we will be united again so I'm preparing for and making plans for that day . So how do we as Christians start working together on this planet because one thing is for sure we are going to be living together in God's Kingdom?  
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