Burning with Pride in the Garden

You know something my spirits were raise this afternoon, the gardener has turned up and cut my grass. Is this a sign of old age?  Or perhaps a sigh of relief that Mrs iTalker will be very very happy. I'm told that in the modern world of home decoration the garden has become an extension of your home. Indeed it is looked upon as another room. It is not enough to have an attractive house inside, your garden has to reflect your personality. Hence the increase in all the gardening centres that have sprung up all over the place since the 1990s. So I thought you might like to see my wonderful garden. The heather has been a particular success it covers up the borders and means there is no need to do weeding. This is the brain child of Mrs iTalker. All this has got me thinking maybe I have become mad. I bought a garden stove last week. I did so because I'm fed up with these electric paper shredders. I think I'm a jinx when it comes to using them. They always get jammed up and then I spend a good hour trying to free the blades. So I've come up with a cunning scheme - the wood burning garden stove. I'm going to use it to burn all my papers. No more shredding for me. It even has a wee grill on it so I might be able to cook a few burgers or sausages on it. Well as you can see the stove is a real burning success. But there is a downside I'm going to have to go for a shower I'm smelling of burning wood. I can see i still have a lot to learn about the use of these little wood burners but as I get more acquainted I'll keep you up to date. Meanwhile I'm reasonably pleased with my acquisition. I know I'm doing something to environment but you must admit the wee stove looks good even a wee bit sinister? 
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Posted By: Lilias   On: 17 Apr 2009   At: 1:45pm

OOOOO that wee fire is just shouting out for some marshmallows.  yummy :o)

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