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Great to read the posts on the blog about the various perceptions of Jesus. I must confess I didn't relate the partying Jesus to the last supper. It seemed to me that Michele was talking about the general disposition of Jesus. I don't recall her inferring that the passover encounter was a great party event. I thought she was talking about the many festivals that are reflected in Judaism and she was suggesting that we could learn from these festivals. As Easter approaches we could do well to begin to find ways in which we can celebrate our redemption, forgiveness and reconciliation to God. I think i am trying to encourage us all to view lent from the perspective of the resurrection. It is great to have the comments and to hear the various perspectives on our Cafe cChurch. Talking about celebration and music and noise. The band "We See Lights" has been rehearing in the bedroom above my study all weekend. Its the price you pay for encouraging a son to be a musician. Actually I quite enjoyed it inspired me to write the sermon. Tomorrow morning their off the Toronto to play in a Scottish Music Festival. So lets wish them a safe journey and much success want a listen click here Why not leave them a message on their wall.
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Posted By: Helmut   On: 11 Mar 2009   At: 7:11am

Albert, yes, she did talk about festivals in Judaism in general, but she referred to the Last Supper as well, and did so quite reasonably, I remember.

I found her views refreshing and relieving.

Admittedly I did not get all of it due to internet transmission hiccups… (Yes, I am one of those…)

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