Carberry and Resurrection

crown-thorns.jpgOne thing that I will always remember about the Carberry Festival is sharing a late night fish supper with John Bell, and the outstanding contribution that Adrian and Bridget Plass made to the Festivals over the years.One other thing I want to mention yet I'm not sure why, the picture of the crown of thorns which hangs in the Chapel hallway. I think John also added so much to those first few festivals. Maybe the crown of thorns speaks of themes and teaching that was not afraid to face suffering and pain head on.All of us who attended and shared ourselves discovered that the so called theological differences we all expressed, didn't in the end divide us. Instead living together in community for a week or two made us aware of the important things that united us.Of course since those days the Carberry Festival has changed and different people have been in charge yet it would seem that the same spirit of community and companionship is still alive and well among those who regularly attend. I was privileged to perform at this the last festival as one who performed at the first. Iain Jamieson and myself had an enjoyable evening singing some of our old and new songs.I think one of the most moving experiences for me this weekend, was when we were all invited to bring closure to the Festival by burying the past in order to look forward to perhaps a different kind of event that might grow out of the experience of Carberry.If you've attended the Carberry Festival why not use this blog to record some of your memorable experiences.through-bars.jpgThe picture above just reminds me of what it was like to stand at the back of the Chapel and look in or an event that could be musical, dramatic , or indeed worshipful. The picture below is the spot where we hope Jock Stein will be able to plant a tree to commemorate the influence of the Festival on the lives of so many people. If you have time visit my picture gallery highlighting the weekend. GALLERYresurrection-space.jpgLet me know what you think, should a new `Festival be born out of the old one? Here is a demo recording of a song Iain , Stephen and I performed on last Friday. I think it is very relevant to the thinking that Neil shared with us as he spoke of the power of a seed to be planted in the ground and in the end to bear much fruit. Maggie's song reminds us of the power that comes through suffering and faith.

Posted By: iTalker   On: 25 Jun 2008   At: 9:14am

I believe that the present owners of Carberry are trying to make the house pay for itself. I’m told that the last three years of the festival ran at a loss which the management of Carberry absorbed. This wouldn’t surprise me because I know when the Church of Scotland ran the house it was heavily subsidised both by National Mission and the Board of Education.  I’m told that the present plan is to create a place that would be more attractive to guests from a higher income bracket. The Festival also had camping opportunities. This service it is felt can no longer be provided due to health and safety restrictions. The management of Carberry have encouraged the Festival to try using Gartmore House they believe it is a better fit for what the Festival wishes to accomplish.


Posted By: Douglas Lochhead   On: 25 Jun 2008   At: 7:37am

why has the carberry festival ended?  Has Gartmore House Trust found other users of CT?

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