Change in Peru

I think I hear someone saying so, "what are you doing in Lima? Well apart from the fact that Lima is rapidly becoming one of the world's best cities for fine dining. I'm here on my annual visit to enable me to report back to the Board of Vine Trust about the work that we are currently funding here in Peru. Well it's really all very exciting! We're trying to make sure that the work we do in partnership with Union Biblical is the best it can be. Like everything in our lives it is foolish to sit back and expect nothing to change. Life is all about change and we in the Vine Trust recognise that everything we do in Peru has to be monitored and improved upon. We also realise that Peru itself is changing and with it comes governments that are changing their attitudes to the way homes for abandoned children are run. It's all very positive and great to see a change in policy. However the changes in policy means that we will be faced with increased numbers of professional staff to be employed resulting in greater costs. Yet it's difficult to complain when you know that the end result should mean a much better service for the children of Peru. All these changes will mean in the long term that we may not always have boys staying for long extended periods in the homes. While it is true that many of the boys have been abandoned, others may never tell the real story behind their misfortune. The new rules means that homes will require to have a phycologist and a social worker on the staff of each home. Having a social worker on the staff means that a greater opportunity will arise for children to be reunited with their parents and their parents traced down and encouraged to find ways to reintegrate their children back into family life. No doubt there will always be a need for children to be looked after but the opportunity for children to be adopted by Peruvian parents is also an option that seems now to be gaining favour in government circles. Today I met with quite a few inspirational people who have a real desire to be change makers here Peru. Already the change is coming about. It's ten years since we brought the first Amazon Hope over from Scotland. Ten years on Peru is a much changed place. it' seems to me that it's time we all gave this nation a clap on the back for he way they have and are working to make this country a more democratic and tolerant place in which to live

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Posted By: Alan and Pam   On: 29 Jan 2012   At: 4:55pm

Great to hear of the progress in Peru especially in the lives of the children in SU Peru’s care.  Have a safe trip . Alan and Pam

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