Look see me I'm browned off Brassed off cheesed off I mean it I'm really cheesed off I don't like this feelin I'm cheesed off With God – why me - why all this suffering ? I'm cheesed off With work – why me - why all this pressure ? I'm cheesed off With my credit card – the interest rate is too high! I'm cheesed off With my family - surely its not always my fault I'm cheesed off With religion – they're all hypocites I'm cheesed off With friends – all of them are takers I'm cheesed off With life – everything about me is so predictable I think is this it ? My life I mean I'm lookin for more I want to enjoy life You know what - I want cake I'm lookin for more - cheese cake Yeah I want lemon cheese cake That's the kind of life `I want A lemon cheese cake life Jesus says" I have come that you might have life more abundantly" John 10.10. Lemon cheese cake? You've set your sights too low
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Posted By: h   On: 31 Dec 2010   At: 5:21pm

Thanks!  Coming home from work tonight - I was, probably like many, feeling a “bit cheesed off”.

“Hogmanay” can have that effect sometimes, we think of the year past, and the start of another New Year can be daunting - and it can make us feel afraid.

So good to know Jesus is with us always - whatever happens.

May 2011 hold happiness, exciting adventures and unexpected delights to all in Bo’ness and beyond.

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