Christmas A Time to Move on Down the River

A Merry Christmas everyone! We certainly have a white Christmas this year, no need to do any dreaming. For those who battled out against the elements last night to share in the Watchnight Service a huge thank you I hope it was meaningful for you. There were a few faces that I missed but it was also great to see some people I've no seen for a long time. There is something quite wonderful about Christmas Day, its an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and also to be reminded that Love is the glue that holds us all together. If there is no love there is no life. I used to think as a minister that I had to think up a new angle on Christmas every year. I've come to the conclusion there is no need the story itself is so powerful and meaningful for lonely people like ourselves. All of us if e are honest will admit to the reality of feeling alone. there are just so many circumstances where we have stand on our own. Be it facing the harsh reality of illness or the feeling somethings have to be faced up to. Yet despite all these feeling Christmas tells us God has not left us on our own, he has come to be with us. In other words open your eyes and see God all around you. Here is one of the video clips we showed last night. I like it because it is so simple, the message is powerful and application of the message relevant for us today. [youtube][/youtube] Taking about Church attendance I though some people might want to know what we are planning to do on Boxing Day at church. Well I think its going to be a wonderful opportunity to come to church as families and friends to give thanks to God for the year that has past. I know for some it may have been a very difficult year, that is why we've shaped the service around the idea of coming to terms with an ending and preparing for a new beginning. [youtube][/youtube]
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