Christmas means…

Christmas means… God has not forgotten us We are not on our own "God is with us" He holds time and eternity in one hand And ours in the other Christmas means… God is in conversation with us He has spoken a Word A huge Word An all-encompassing Word A Word that makes all other words sound redundant This spoken Word became a human being Jesus His life was The Word lived out in time For eternity Christmas means… God is waiting for our reply So have we heard The Word? Believed The Word? Received The Word? Are we waiting for another Word? There is no other Word The first and final Word is matchless It is both Alpha and Omega Christmas means… God keeps His promises While we live through Broken promises Empty dreams Losing heart God keeps his promise His Word is true I will redeem you I will restore your life You are FORGIVEN Christmas means… We can hope again We can trust again We can love again We can begin all over again Christmas means… We believe in miracles "God is with us" Right beside us His presence brings Peace His Peace brings Love His Love casts away Fear Christmas means… We are encircled with the Expectations of God
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