Christmas Unplugged - At Sanctuary First

[gallery]Here are just some of the team that helped to put on Sanctuary First tonight. There are others who were still making last minute tweaks making sure it all went so smoothly they didn't get in the picture. We had all just gathered round a huge pizza and it was demolished within a few minutes. The thing is we had a great evening tonight but we had very few visitors, instead it was mainly our folks. i was delighted that so many of them were all doing something contributing to the worship. It was great having the terchie team at the back producing all the sound effects. the drama came over really well. I also liked the new youth praise band. You played well guys. Now we've got to live out this message everyday. Unplug the Christmas tat and engage with the real issues of Christmas. Understaning that everyday for the Christian is Christmas. Its not a wish its a promise. Remember Jesus said " Look, I'm going to be around you guys all the time even to the end of the age and that means the Guys that will follow on after you. " So don't give in or give up - get moving we've a lot of spiritual tinsel to unplug. Look just leave the actual tinsel it doesn't bother god one little bit infact it brightens the place up. What God requires is that we remove the spiritual tat. Now here is a good question. Why not give me some examples of what you might call spiritual tat. Have a good week. And by the way Check out the Sanctuary First site- so great prayers this month.
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