Commitment there's a word

money.jpg Lord, Can I talk to you a bit more about commitment? What exactly would you say Makes a good disciple? I guess its about Keeping the rules Attending church every Sunday Praying a lot? Keeping the Ten Commandments? Is it actually true That you once asked a guy to sell up everything he owned And give all the money he made to the poor? That must have taken some nerve? I mean to ask someone to sell all their possession It gives a whole new meaning to the idea of travelling light. So commitment in your book has financial implication? Some of your ideas are challenging to say the least Turning the other cheek Loving your enemies Accepting strangers as neighbours You say It's not about rules and achieving Nothing to do with rule keeping at all? I find that strange I know some disciples that are into rule keeping in a big way Have they got it wrong Lord? Could you explain this grace thing to me It all sounds too easy Live anyway and God accepts you. Ah you say ‘ no' to that What do you mean? You can only live one way The right way ! Because God accepts you Are you saying when we know God has accepted us We want to live a totally new way out of gratitude. Ah ! That's an interesting motivator Can we talk about this again ?
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