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imga0138I'm getting ready to attend a conference in Aviemore. It's run by the Church of  Scotland to help elders and ministers understand how to deal with conflict in our churches when it arises. I'm looking forward to it . Of course this is nothing new, where you find people in community you will also find the potential for conflict. Its interesting because,  I'm preparing a sermon from James chapter 4 this morning. In this chapter James asks the question, where does conflicts and wars all stem from ? Then he begins to answer the question, he suggests from the human heart, when  human beings become self centred and think on what is best for them and not what is best for the community. James talks about the dangers of seeking self satisfaction rather than reaching out to God. He describes the whole area of conflict as a struggle between what he calls worldliness and holiness. My challenge this morning is not to make the sermon sound as if I'm ha-ranging the congregation. You know its so easy to point out the weaknessess of the community,  and the weaknesses of the congregation but is more difficult to do so in such a way that people feel inspired motivated encouraged to draw close to God.  You can say all the right things but you can say all the right things the wrong way. I just wish more of our church leaders would understand the difference. I guess I'm setting myself up here, for you can listen to my attempt, if you download this week's sermon from
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Posted By: Duncan   On: 16 Nov 2009   At: 6:37pm

Hi Albert, glad to hear that the talks are interesting. Are they being recorded. It was good to be able to access the CWW talks after the events.

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