Cross Spaced Shape

If your reading this blog and live near Bo'ness why not make a date and come and worship with us on Sunday 2 May at 6.30pm and share in our next Sanctuary First Service. If you live on the other side of the planet why not log in and share with us here in Bo'ness as we stream out live our contemporary multimedia worship service. Just press the live stream button. If you are looking for worship that is creative and biblical, reflective and theological, participatory and challenging, then Sanctuary First may well be for you. During the month of May we are going to reflect upon the result of living in ' A Cross Shaped Space" each day. You'll be able to down load all your daily Bible readings and prayers from the Sanctuary First site. We'd love to have you join with us and engage with this service. Here is a taste of some of the material you will encounter. Have a listen to this meditation A Cross Shaped Space Now have a read at one of the reflections relating to the barriers we put up preventing us from moving through the cross. I wrote this with the story of the poor widow in mind who ended up giving her all at the temple treasury. it got me thinking about the times when we putup our weakness and poverty as barriers to trust and faith in God. A POOR WOMAN AT THE CROSS SHAPED SPACE It's strange isn't it? We all do it. We make excuses I mean we use our Perceived weakness Like a barrier to keep people out. To hide from ourselves. We use the things the feelings the attitudes we have inherited to define us. Then we say Sorry I can't I'm hopeless I'm different from you I'm not educated I'm poor I ‘m schizophrenic I'm homosexual I'm single I'm married I'm just a partner I'm working I'm tired I'm not in charge I'd love to but .. I can't Its strange isn't it Something Clicks and you Simply change You do something You go out on a limb You make a promise You give something away That's what I did I literally gave my poverty away I opened my purse I gave all I possessed to God I can still hear it clinking in the box Two little pennies I had no more excuses left I gave my weakness away I walked through A cross spaced shape Into freedom I felt strong For the first time In my life.
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Posted By: Iain McMillan   On: 3 May 2010   At: 9:42am

I watched the “Cross Shaped Space” on the internet. Fantastic, inspiring, excellent, the feeling i came away with was, “I WISH I HAD GONE TO IT”. Good media presentation work. Can this be saved on to DVD for future use. I know i would like to see it again. Thanks.

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