CWW National Gathering - 2008

library-2356.jpg The advertising promoting the CWW National Gathering will hit the streets next Monday. The web page might not be up to date until Monday. We hope to post out over the weekend around 3000 envelopes promoting the work of CWW. The theme is " All you can't leave behind" Those of you who are keen U2 fans will I 'm sure think the title is familiar. In a sense it is and the other its not. You work out what is missing from this title. But please don't send your comments on a post card. How about just posting something on the blog. You know I have a great feeling about this project. I just know we're going to connect with thousands of people next May. The church is on the move from buildings to tents. From security to risk taking. Make sure everyone you know buys a ticket. If not I'm for the high jump.( I just think this in my weaker moments.) We need 10,000 people there over the two days to make the project balance. But hey, I believe its balanced already. Have a look at the programme. We're looking for people to book up over the internet. and buy a tent. So if you'd like to be part of this great event next May sign up. Above all else will you pray forth event?
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