CWW National Gathering Update

 imga08781.jpgIn just under three weeks the National Gathering will take place at Ingilston.  I'm hoping that we're going to see thousands of people turn up to engage with the thinking behind Church Without Walls. The real success will be when they go back to their communities and begin to put some of the ideas they've heard about into practice. I'm encouraged that more and more of the story telling  tents are being sold.  To date we have sold around 170 this means we will have at least 170 congregations sharing with others their stories of hope and renewal.  I think the tented village is going to be something quite spectacular. I'm sure we'll have at least 200 tents by the time we reach 3 May. There is even going to be a congregation with a "tardis" beside their tent.Perhaps they're putting a whole new spin on CWW.The thing I'm concentrating on most just now is trying to get more media coverage for the Gathering. The Press Office at 121 are doing their best to get our stories published and I'm hoping that we will get coverage on radio and even television. So if you have contacts you can put my way please get in touch.

Posted By: italker   On: 4 May 2009   At: 11:00am


Great to hear from you. We have a dedicated web page with resources on it you might like to have a look

check it out


I hope your tent church continues to be a great success. Where are you based? Wish we could go on the beach. We have some great beaches but the weather is just a bit cold.


Posted By: corinne   On: 4 May 2009   At: 6:11am

i am so encouraged to see what God is doing in Scotland..we here in Australia 6 weeks ago set up a tent on the beach front in the middle of our city and every sunday from 10 -5pm we have church with who ever God brings in…It has been an awesome experience and we are seeing great harvest…we also are a church without walls…

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