Day 2 with Crossreach

Tuesday 28 Before I reflect on all that will happen today. It is important to mention the Mallard. This is a centre where children and teenagers who  need a period of respite can come and relax and recharge their batteries. When we arrived we were met by Sandy Russell. Sandy has been in charge of the unit since it was opened 15 years. The thing that impressed me was the dynamic young staff that was working there alongside him as well as a group of volunteers. We met head teachers and social workers, and family members all sharing together to make this an effective resource.   It was good to see Alan Ford and his wife Mary there. Alan is the local parish minister. All of these people work so hard to make the Mallard a place where the presence of Christ can be felt. It truly seemed to me to be a colony of heaven.   Tuesday turned out to be the day of the Moderator's challenge. We started off by taking to a boat. It was great to move from one side of the Clyde to the other on the Renfrew Ferry. For a moment i thought in was back in Peru in Iquitos getting a trip on a tin boat up the Amazon. Our first port of call w to visit The Daisy Chain Project.  This is another project under the leadership of an outstanding person  Cathie Paton. It  is an exciting project that works in partnership with three organisations. The Elim Church in Govanhill gives its premises, Inspiring Scotland contributes to the finances, and Crossreach manage the programme. This is a programme that reaches out to the population of young families in Govanhill who may feel isolated due to any number of reasons. Among those who attend are many immigrants who are seeking to integrate themselves into Scottish society. I'm told that there are over 63 different languages spoken in the Govanhill area. Now if that is not an opportunity to engage with the Spirit of Pentecost what is? Congratulations to the great team who work on the ground delivering an inspirational service. The it was off to Perth to catch up with the boys from Geilsland who had made the trip from Ayrshire to make the Barbecue at the Perth Aerodrome.  So while the burgers were being cooked I had the challenge of taking to the air in a Girocopter.  It was a bit of fun but I also must confess i did have a few anxious moments. What's it like.  The nearest I can think of to describe the experience is, its like being up in the sky riding on the back of a motorbike. After some fascinating discussions with a number of other service users including a really friendly group of people from Gaberston House, which houses  a residential service for adults with mental health support needs, it was off to  Balmedie House in Aberdeen to meet the residents who live in this wonderful country mansion.  This home is celebrating its 75th anniversary as a care home for older people. It has 32 residents. we had a wonderful time and we were made welcome by the residents and the staff.  In 2011 Balmwedie gained the prestigious Customer Service Excellence award, obtaining 'compliance plus' in two categories. As we drove back down the road to St Andrew's to our B&B we had much to think about and a talk to prepare for the Students in training for the Ministry at St Andrew's University the next day.  And this is just the second day on the road with Crossreach. There is no doubt about it Crossreach believe in flying high.      

Posted By: Marion Murray   On: 3 Sep 2012   At: 9:58am

An excellent interview and one to be shared throughout each parish / presbytery as it explains very clearly the overall work of Crossreach and the links which could be more easily made to be a part of each community


Posted By: h   On: 30 Aug 2012   At: 6:14pm

Thank-you for your blogs which are always interesting..and very energetic!

Hope you manage to eat some porridge each morning to see you through the day.

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