Definately A White Christmas?

Believe this or not but this is my 400th post. I'm just back from the church where Owen and I have been working on the lastest Christmas movie. We hope to have it finished for the Christmas Eve Watchnight Service. Today's been a busy day. I ventured out in Martha's car this morning. It's a rear wheel drive and the back wheels spin brilliantly in the snow. Anyway I paid a visit to the post office only to find the postman locked out of the Post Office. I believe there was a power cut and as the door worked electronically he couldn't get in. Neither could I so the parcel I was collecting will have to wait another day. I'm actually wondering if the postie carries the parcels for delivery. I have sneaky feeling like many other people, they put a card through your door. Take for instance last Saturday. We were in all afternoon. Acar appeared through the letterbox telling us to go to the office to collect the parcel. No one knocked the door just a card. Today was quite a beautiful day. Here are some pictures i took around the town. Doesn't the snow make everything look marvellous. Here are a few pictures I took around lunch time and early afternoon. I finally paid another visit to the the Pertro==chemical site at Grangemouth. It really is quite a site. It enabled us to have a good background for the Christmas movie. I think it is going to be well worth a visit to the Watchnight Service. we hope to be able to show it to you all this Thursday evening. Tomorrow night is going to be a busy night for me. I hope to get down to the Woolworth Store for the closing event in the evening then get through to the Docker's Welfare in Leith. Stephen has organised an event for singer songwriters to perform an evening of original Christmas songs. thios will be the second year. Last year was the first year and it turned out a great success thus the interest in another this year.
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