Do you not get it?

communion1.jpgWell we started filming in Edinburgh this afternoon. We had quite an interesting reception. Put the table out with the bread and wine. Guess what? People stopped and read the notice. I overhead one young guy say to his pal, "that's all about Jesus, he's sound". Another young woman came up to me and asked what we were doing? I told her we were taking the bread and the wine outside the church for the people on the street. She thought I meant homeless people. "No", I said, " Do you not get it? It was for you he was broken, its for people like you on the street." The penny dropped, she waved her hand in front of her mouth and nose, I don't know if she was holding back the emotion. " I get it now", she said as she turned and walked away. I think there is more faith on the streets than we imagine. Oh and one other little incident. We left Bo'ness without our printed notice, saying 'This is my body broken for you'. I decided to go into an office in Rutland Square and ask for assistance. It was quite an interesting conversation, I had with the receptionist. I asked if she would print out an A4 sheet with the words,'this is my body broken for you'. The lady tried to explain her difficulty in delivering the request. I reminded her of the great difficulty that Jesus faced on the cross, in comparison I was asking of her very little. She smiled asked her boss who appeared, and shortly the notice was being printed. I think there is a sermon there in that little incident. 'Blood on the street', is turning out to be quite an interesting little theological project. Just to give you a flavour of the afternoon's work here is a wee clip I prepared earlier. CLICK HERE
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Posted By: Stephen   On: 22 Mar 2007   At: 9:09am

Hey looks like you’ve been busy! You certaintly have got the ‘blogging bug’! I think it’s really interesting to hear you think out your ideas for films and services. Sometimes this stuff sounds a bit ‘gimmick’ to me and it takes a while for me to catch up with you - after questioning you and letting you know my scepticism! You always quote Andy Arthur who said ‘sometimes you need to wait on us to catch you up Albert’! I think the blog is a good way to catch up with you! Things move fast when you are creative but it seems this blog is a good way to document the development. We can catch up here!

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