Don’t Give Up!

When we feel drained
and have nothing to say and nothing to give.
When there is nothing we want;
because we've lost all that meant anything to us
We shouldn't give up.
We need to keep waiting.
Start looking.
Hope will return!
Why you ask?
"Because the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases"

God's love for us doesn't come to an end 
when our love for Him comes to an end.
He renews us.
Often with the simple things
The smile of a grandchild
The smell of a favourite meal,
The light shining through a glass of wine
The touch of a hand
The beauty of a flower
The faithfulness of a friend.

Take time says the writer of Lamentations.
Be alone!
And when we keep on waiting,
We will surely encounter,
The peace of God which passes all our understanding.

God of the broken hearted
Father of all
Saviour of the world
Friend of the desolate.
Draw near to us
For we do not know how to draw close to you
So many emotions stir within us
Sadness and grief
Threaten to overwhelm us.
Yet, courage and loyalty,
Inspired by those we love
strengthen us to stand tall.
Yet to be bereaved,
means to be emptied of everything;
stripped bear,
wasting away inside - crumbling.

Come Holy Spirit of God 
Bind up the broken-hearted
Strengthen the weary
Give new courage to those who are failing
Enable us all to become people waiting,
With expectation
For hope will return
Great is your faithfulness.
So we wait in hope for deliverance.


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