Election Fever Touches Bo'ness

It was good to see a reasonable crowd of people attend the local husting which we were hosting tonight in St Andrew's Parish Church Bo'ness. If you want to see the recording check out www.standonline.org.uk. I think it will be up for a few days perhaps over the weekend. The technical side of the event was managed by Sanctus Media and it looks as though those watching on the internet were delighted with the result. Much of the success of the evening must also be attributed to Frank Hartley the Pastor the the neighbour United Free Church Craigmailen. Frank is a regular presenter on Revival Radio and he had just the right touch to make all the candidates feel at easy. As minister of St Andrew's Bo'ness I was delighted to see that once again we have been able to share our vision of working in partnership with our sister congregations and civic officials to help build a better community for the people of our town. It is important that the church has been able to serve the community by making the above hustings happen. One of the agents for the candidates remarked as he left the church, " This is not how I expected the evening to go, tonight has been an eye opener for me." I think he was referring to the local expertise that was around in the church building. He may also have been referring to the fact that the church was able to stream the event out live, that the Vine Trust has its roots deep in the Christian Comminity in Bo'ness and that we in St Andrew's in partnerships with others are delivering a multi-facited social programme touching all ages across the community.
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