Engaging with the Life Changes.

[gallery] When the snow falls even familiar things in the landscape look entirely different. I've taken to photographing a few objects at different times during the year, just to remind myself how different they can look. If a bench can change with the difference in climate surely a human being can find their perspective changing because of the circumstances and climate change that we find ourselves in. Taking time to reflect is often more difficult that we night want to admit. However i'd like to suggest that it is an essential part of preparation before we all head back to work this week. Yet, by the end of the week we'll have forgotten about the holidays. Instead we'll all be back at work getting on with all the usual things that demand our time. However I do think that it is important while many are still on holiday, to use this time to reflect on the past and look forward with anticipation to the future. This coming year has all the potential to be memorable for all of us and especially those of us who have been involved with the Vine Trust. It will be 25 years ago in December 1985 when we first launched the Vine Trust. We opened the Branches Store on the Market Square. I can hardly believe that it was 25 years since Alistair MacDonald came as our celebrity guest and opened the shop. We are looking for various ways to celebrate this anniversary so if you have any thoughts please let me know. Another area I'm excited about is the work we're pioneering with Sanctuary First. I believe we have a wonderful opportunity with this project to develop a ministry that has the potential to be far reaching. Once again please keep in touch with the web site and keep us informed of your thoughts and how e can improve upon what we've been doing to date. One final announcement - look out for the change of format and look of the italker blog. We hope to give this site a make over so look out for the change and once again lets have your opinions. And finally finally. Please keep jenn and laura in your prayers as they start out on their first leg of their Mission engaging the Soultouch vision. We're having a farewell do for them at the church on Thursday evening, so get yourselves down for the fun and farewell wiahes.
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