Facing up to our secrets and lies.

SANCTUARY FIRST I'm cracking on with the material for the Sanctuary First Service this Sunday. The theme is all about "Loose Ends". We live in a world full of loose ends. Its a messy business living. Often we'd like to make everything fit. But one size doesn't fit all. We have to make adjustments for each other, in doing so that is where the problems lie. We end up having loose ends. I think we all carry heavy burdens of guilt and regret. The "if only" scenario haunts us all. Facing the truth about ourselves and our past can be one of the most liberating experiences of life. On Sunday evening at Sanctuary First we hope to address the issue of forgiveness. Here is a preview of one of the videos we'll be showing on Sunday entitled "Secrets and Lies". Having written the script on Tuesday I had no one to perform it. However by Wednesday afternoon I had the cast all ready. Big thank you to Lilias and Sarah in the Church office for suggesting some names. Here have a look and tell me what you think of the star studded cast. Politicians need to be more truthful Talking about guilt and cheating. I think there must be a lot of guilty characters among our political classes looking at their behaviour over the past few years. Few of them no doubt thought their expense accounts would be the issue that would bring them into disrepute. However with all the political infighting one wonders if the MPs who are at present seeking to overturn the Prime Minister are more concerned about their jobs than the Government succeeding to lead the country out of the present economic crisis. Personally I'm disappointed at the way the media have hounded Gordon Brown and it seems to me that so many of the commentators have been less than charitable to the man. But I guess politicians develop tough skins. At the end of the day I think the present political crisis centres around a lot of people getting their own back because of past secrets and lies. BOGLE'S PARAPHRASES There is no cover up  that will not eventually be revealed. Remember the things that are spoken in secret will also be brought into the light. Mark 4.22

Posted By: Mike Munro   On: 6 Jun 2009   At: 6:35pm

Thought the video was really well done, everyone a natural. Already looking forward to Sanctuary First, hope lots of others are too.


Posted By: Gordon Kennedy   On: 5 Jun 2009   At: 9:28am

We should be much at prayer for our MPs in these days. I’m fearful that someone, under great public pressure, might do something serious and harmful to themselves.

Thanks for the paraphrases, well done.

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