Faith and the Marketplace

img_16151I had an interesting start to the day. I went in search of Alan Stewart farmer and road haulier. I've known Alan's family for many years. I wanted to meet up with a real life person connected with the business of sheep farming in order to make a podcast for Sanctuary First. When I finally tracked him down he was busy on the mobile sorting out the many deals he has to negotiate each day as he plans the movememnt of sheep from one part of the country to the other. He jokes with me telling me he's given up the shepherd's crook for a mobile phone. Anyway in the process of making the podcast I discovered this newly born lamb and its mother. You can check out the podcast and find out more about the story at when it goes up in a couple of weeks. img_1619 An hour later I was down at the Woolworth Store . It was good to have the prayers and the support of the rest of the ministers in the town as we opened the doors to the public. We believe this is an important opportunity for the church to make a visable presence in the town this Christmas and allow people the opportunity to reflect on the Christmas story in a contemporary setting. It is also a great witness when Christians from all the various denominations work together. So if your around in Bo'ness over the next few days make sure you drop into the store for a chat and a cup of tea. The labytinth is well worth the visit. One thing that has been drawn to our attention is how quiet our town is during the afternoons. People seem to get up and do their shopping in the morning. When it comes to the afternoon and the evenings it is pretty quiet. I wonder if this is a pattern in other town? It makes one think seriously about what is happening to all the town centres around Scotland. Where is community locating itself if not in the shops and cafes and pubs of a town? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Posted By: iTalker   On: 19 Dec 2009   At: 10:50am


I think you make some very interesting points. I think you hit on something when you say “people love to spend pennies on their spaces” There is something so selfish about what you say yet it is very true. There is a great desire to own things. Do you think there is a sense of insecurity about. You can you trust. Trust yourself?


Posted By: jackie   On: 18 Dec 2009   At: 9:34pm

People, I think are locating themselves within their own four walks, aka Home.  That is where people of this age find themselves comfortable and safe,  you just have to look at viewing figures for tv programmes like Xfactor on a saturday night,viewing figures top 10 million.  Tellys are becoming bigger, take away food tastier, sound is becoming sharper, and conversation and fellowship is dying away day by day.  Shops like Homebase, B and Q will have a market are people love to spend pennies on their space.  This, of course is only my opinion.  What do you think?

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