Freedom City - Watch For The Sharks!

We were up early this morning to catch the tour bus to get a ride around the city. It was the red tour. The last tour bus I was on was in Glasgow. ( It turned put to be a bit of a disaster), anyway we got on the bus outside the famous St Georges's Cathedral. As we waited for the bus the door was open and there was an exhibition about the Apartheid Days. Here are some of the pictures. Today I could see was going to be one of those reflective memorable ones. On the bus we discovered that our flat is situated in one of the most prestigious 'art nouveau' buildings in Cape Town. So Duncan did a great job in getting us this place. We're right in the centre of things. Here is a picture if the hallway it's pretty impressive Well back to our story . I think the buses here remind me if my trip to Barcelona in the summer. In fact it's the same buses with a different commentary. We ended up going to the top of Table Mountain but we could get on the cable car it was going to take too long and we had our trip Booked for Robben Island. We got back down the steep road on the bus and headed for Camps Bay. This is a favourite tourist spot. We stopped for a moment take in the view. This is an area where sharks can pounce on unsuspecting tourists. Duncan begins to tell us a story he read recently about a man who was eaten bya shark on this beach a few months ago. It was all very sad until his wife heard about it on the evening news. He had been on the beach swimming with his mistress. It puts a new angle on the text ' be sure your sins will find you out." I going to stop the post at this point I blog later about our trip to Robben Island. Meanwhile life is difficult I've got to think about where we'll eat out tonight. Keep reading - I'll keep you posted. Oh yeah the Conference starts for real tomorrow!
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