Friday Night.

iquitosIt's true what they say songs take on a life of their own. If you are a songwriter you always have to be prepared to give it away. In reality it never belongs to you in the first place. Many people contribute to the ideas that make up a song. A few years ago I wrote this song after hearing a story Willie MacPherson told me. He was describing the above shanty town known as Port of Belen built on a sewer that serves the city of Iquitos deep in the Amazonian Jungle. I was shocked when he described how a father of a 10 year old girl offered him his daughter for thirty cents. I was full of righteous anger how could anyone do such a thing. The world is a dangerous and desperate place. The story of Lent is all about encountering a God who makes his home in the gutter, who takes the sin of the gutter into himself. He is the God who dies on a rubbish dump outside a city on a Friday Night just before night fall. A few months later New York would never be the same again. In all our dark Fridays we need to believe that there is a Resurrection Sunday. If I got an idea for a song from Willie, I got the hook line from Tony Campolo telling his story about an old black preacher who could sum up the power and expectation of the gospel in six words, "It's Friday night but Sunday's comin'". As for the rest of the song well Iain jamieson my song writing partner contributed as did Graeme Duffin whenit came to production. So you see song writing is never or seldom the domain of one person. Now when it comes to the video making its a team effort again, with a huge thank you to Rae Manger the best film editor in Bo'ness  
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