From Bo'ness to Chennai

indian-station.JPG Here I am at the end of a Sunday evening, and I'm just getting myself ready to join the crowds that push into the airports and rail stations in india. God is good. I believe I must have the best job in the world. It is such a privilege to be part of the family at Bo'ness St Andrew's. We are such a mixed group of people, but I think that is what i like about our church. Well In a few hours I'll be flying back to india again, just for a week to catch up with our friends and to see what plans can be laid to go about building the little medical post at Ratipatti. I looking forward to getting a ride on the trains again. Well today has been quite an interesting one. We had two baptisms at the morning service and it was wonderful to see so many people out at church. I think its great to see people making the effort to support their families and friends on these big occasions. it was especially meaningful for Frances Snedden on of our faithful members to see her great grandson baptised. her granddaughter Angela with her husband Gavin,had come all the way from Queenland Australia. In was also just as pleased to celebrate with David and Dianne Collins, as they brought baby Joshua for baptism also. I hope that the visitors who were with us today enjoyed the service. Hey if you were a visitor and your reading the blog, give me a shout and let me know what you felt during the service. I think a lot of people were touched by the story from the Bible today. The story of Joseph has something to say to all of us. the picture of his father Jacob having to face up to his own deception years later being deceived himself, is a timely reminder that we all have to deal with the messy things in our lives. Of course the big theme in the sermon was that God is able to work good out of bad things. Joseph facing his brothers many years later is able to say to them, " You did all this to harm me, you meant it for evil, but God has turned it around for good. How true that is just think of the number of times when things have seen so black and impossible and prayer has been the key that has opened the door, and changed the whole situation. Well in a few hours i'll be at the airport, we fly out at 6.00pm so I better sign off now and try and get some sleep. Can I say big thank you to all of you who have wished me well and I for my part will try and keep the blog up to date over the next few days.

Posted By: italker   On: 31 Oct 2007   At: 7:49am

Helen and David,

Glad you enjoyed the service. i believe you finnaly managed to get a live link-up after the service ended. I know the girls were overjoyed at seeing you all. Both of them are quite extraordinary people. This trip will probably mould the rest of their lives. If your reading the comment to find out where it all links in go to the soultouch blog on


Posted By: Helen and David   On: 23 Oct 2007   At: 10:29pm

We listened and watched the service on Sunday morning by internet!  Kate thought there might be a link with Chennai, Erica and Lorna and advised us about accessing the video site.  It was lovely to be part of the service even though it didn’t link up with India!!

We thought we would leave a comment on your Italker.  Every blessing on your journey and give our love to Lorna and Erica.  (Lorna’s mum and dad)

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