Get Read Get Set TEXT Bible 40 to 80806

img_0714Just back from Sanctuary First. the theme was all about moving from one space ro another . It was about helping us see that the way to  bring about change in the life of the church is to be prepared to make the appropriate sacrifice. Although it was a Bank Holiday weekend we were delighted to have a number of friends join with us in the worship.  We were pomoting the C40 programme. this is our made up Discipleship programme. So if you want to join the Challenge text  Bible 40 to the following mobile number 80806. When you do this it will cost you £1.50 per week. I hope you join in he challenge and then return to tis blog with yourown questions and answers. So look out for the first C40 post tomorrow morning.

Posted By: iTalker   On: 5 May 2009   At: 10:35pm


it was good to see you last night sorry we didn’t get a chance to chat. Glad you found the service helpful


Posted By: Watson Beattie   On: 5 May 2009   At: 6:15pm

I had a fantastic time at the service though i missed some of it due to roadworks on the way through.

I found the singing very good and the teaching also.

It was great to be at the service instead of watching online from home.

Keep up the great work you are doing


Posted By: italker   On: 4 May 2009   At: 9:12pm

Interesting idea! I actually mentioned this idea to rae last night.


Posted By: Mairi   On: 4 May 2009   At: 6:14pm

Hiya Albert,

Both my mum and I were wondering why you don’t do Sanctury First on a Sunday morning too?  I think LOADS of people would be really, really blessed thru it - young and old!  I know there’s the ‘church politics’ and stuff ... but I just think it’s a shame that lots of people are missing out. Maybe the first theme could be ‘DON’T KNOCK IT TILL YOU TRY IT’!!!

Bless ya, Mairi

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